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The Art Of Allowing ~
Through Sound & Color

facilitated by Karen Renée

Sunday, April 30th from 1pm-5:30pm

Peach & Crane Healing Arts Center - Brentwood, TN
Space is limited to 8(open to all)
Cost: $111 ($99 if registered by April 15th)

Through the creative exploration of sound, color and emotion, you will find your center in a beautiful, expressive way.

Modern life can often impose deadlines and encourage rushing through our days, leaving us frantic and frustrated – sometimes resulting in anxiety, breathlessness, perfectionism, and even physical pain.

Here’s an opportunity to SLOW DOWN and breathe, revive, and refuel! The paired techniques of watercolor play and frame drum sounding provide meditative experiences that quiet the mind and connect you to your body, releasing tension and encouraging flow in a playful way.

Participants will also have the opportunity to receive a 1:1 Frame Drum Sound Massage: a fully-clothed, vibrational healing experience that uses sound – not touch – to energize skin, bones, muscles, organs, hands, and feet. Join us for this soul-quenching day!

To register go HERE!

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